Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Series Recap: Rockies

After a disappointing Opening Day, the Milwaukee Brewers responded by taking the final two games against the Rockies. For this team to succeed, winning at home is a must. Winning the first series of the season was a good start.

The Good


9.1 IP, 7 hits, 2 R (2 ER), 8 K, 3 BB (2 Intentional), 1.93 ERA

The most encouraging thing about this series was how solidly the bullpen pitched. One strength of this club is how tough they will be at the end of games. Watching LaTroy Hawkins' two spotless innings, with three punchouts was very nice to see.

The bullpen surrendered just one walk (the other two were IBB) in the whole series. Combine that with eight strikeouts and winning close games becomes much easier. Plus, I have to admit, listening to hells bells is very fun.

Randy Wolf

Randy Wolf's start on Tuesday night is one reason the term "quality start" is flawed. While Wolf didn't qualify for this, he was very impressive. Over 6.2 innings, Wolf struck out eight Rockies. Even better, Wolf didn't surrender a walk. Of his 97 pitches, 72 were for strikes. If there is one thing I like in a pitcher, pounding the strike zone is it. Sure he gave up four runs, but that's just unlucky. If Wolf keeps putting up starts like he did on Tuesday, the runs against him will be few and far between.

Rickie Weeks

Sure he struck out three times on Wednesday, but Rickie looked good offensively and defensively all series long. Here are his three game logs.

Monday: 1-3, Single, BB, HBP, R

Tuesday: 1-2, HR, RBI, 2 BB, SB, 2 R

Wednesday: 1-4, Single, RBI, 3 K

The most encouraging thing to see was his patience. Weeks was able to get on base seven times vs the Rockies. Better yet, he was able to work the pitcher everytime up. On six different occations, Weeks saw six or more pitches in an at bat. Sure he struck out three times on Wednesday, but he still worked the pitcher to a full count in two of those at bats. Very encouraging things from Rickie.

Casey McGehee

The Brewers success this season hinges greatly on the success of McGehee. I still think Mat Gamel should see frequent playing time when he returns from injury, but McGehee's start to the season was very nice. All in all, McGehee went 5-11, including a three-run home run.

The Not-So-Good

Doug Davis

Davis' first start back in Milwaukee was one to forget. By Davis' 30th pitch on Wednesday, he had already... faced five batters, walked three, allowed two runs and the bases were still loaded. His line after the first five batters...

0 IP, 2 Hits, 3 R (3 ER), 0 K, 3 BB

His line after the first five batters...

4 IP, 4 Hits, 1 R (1 ER), 4 K, 0 BB

That was one of the reasons I was so confused why Macha pulled him after a leadoff double in the 5th. He was only at 88 pitches and could have easily finished the inning. It's decisions like that that have run the Brewers into the ground last year. Instead of finishing the inning, Macha went to Todd Coffey for two innings. Watch more multiple innings from the Brewers relief. It was one of the reasons why the Brewers faultered last season.


Brewers' backstops went a combined 0-11 in the series at the plate. George Kottaras got the start Wednesday and drove in two runs, but looked terrible in the field. Not one, not two, but five times balls went to the backstop with Kottaras catching. Sure the pitches weren't the best, but they looked like balls that need to be blocked. I am positive Zaun will rebound from his 0-8 start, but

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