Thursday, April 22, 2010

Domination in Pittsburgh

Words cannot describe how badly the Milwaukee Brewers dominated the Pittsburgh Pirates this week. Here's a look at the pitching/hitting stats for the series.

Brewers starting pitchers: 3-0, 0.00 ERA, 18 IP, 0 ER (0 R) 15 K, 7 BB
Pirates starting pitchers: 0-3, 15.82 ERA 9.2 IP, 17 ER (19 R), 8 K, 9 BB

Brewers relievers: 0-0, 1.00 ERA, 9 IP, 1 ER (1 R), 7 K, 2 BB
Pirates relievers: 0-0, 7.79 ERA, 17.1 IP, 15 ER (17 R), 13 K, 10 BB

Brewers hitters: 46-125 (.368), 36 runs, 8 HR, 91 total bases, 18 BB
Pirates hitters: 18-95 (.189), 1 run, 0 HR, 24 total bases, 12 BB

Now for the fun facts.

The Brewers scored 36X the runs as the Pirates (36-1)

The Brewers scored more runs than the Pirates had total bases (36-24)

The Brewers scored in 15 different innings; The Pirates scored in one.

Dave Bush walked as many times as the Pirates scored.

The Brewers bullpen recorded just two fewer outs than the Pirates starting pitchers (29-27).

Randy Wolf had as many hits as the Pirates middle infield (Wolf: 2-3; Iwamura and Cedeno 2-21).

The Pirates had six extra base hits; The Brewers had 25.

While on the topic... the Brewers had seven more extra base hits than the Pirates had total hits.

With RISP, the Brewers were 17-47; The Pirates were 2-25.

Pirates relievers recorded 52 outs; their starters recorded 29.

Pirates pitchers threw 562 pitches. The Brewers' staff threw 436.

The Pirates team ERA (already a league worst going into the series) raised from 6.34 to 7.23.

The Brewers team ERA dropped from 6.06 to 4.88.

The Pirates were averaging 4.42 runs per game coming into the series. That dropped to 3.53 after the series.

The Brewers were averaging 5.42 runs per game. That ballooned to 6.73 after the series, which is good for tops in MLB.

Anyway you look at it, this one of the most lopsided series in history of baseball.

Coming into this roadtrip, the Brewers had to like their chances. Playing nine games against the Cubs, Nationals and Pirates should be an easy roadtrip. But after dropping four of the first five, the Brewers were staring a losing road trip in the face. They scored 47 runs over the next four games, winning all of them. That secured a winning road trip.

The Brewers will now head home to face the Chicago Cubs. Stay tuned for a preview coming soon.

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Nick said...

Might be one of the most dominant series in Brewers history. They never were even really in a game. Hopefully we can keep some momentum against the scrubs. Thanks for the stats big guy.