Thursday, July 15, 2010

First Half Breakdown (Outfielders)

Note: (.AVG/.OBP/.SLG/.OPS)

Corey Hart- A

2.3 WAR

.288/.349/.569/.918, 306 AB's, 21 HR's, 65 RBI

.247/.340/.416/.756. That was Corey Hart's line after an 0-5 game on May 14th. The Philadelphia Phillies were in town and the Brewers lost the game 9-5. This game stands out to me after hearing Corey Hart booed loudly in every one of those five at bats. Corey Hart had become public enemy number one in Milwaukee and rumors of a possible Jermaine Dye sighting were murmured throughout the talk shows and papers. And then, Corey Hart started launching balls. In his first 89 at bats up to that point, Hart homered just three times. After that, he has gone deep 18 times in 217 at bats, or once every 12 times up. He has also stopped his alergic reaction to extra bases. Of his 88 hits this season, 42 have went for extra bases. He has resurrected a swing Brewers fans became accustomed to before the 2008 All-Star break and is now one of the most sought after trade chips on the market. After almost being released by the Brewers, his name is swirling in San Francisco, with Madison Bumgarner or Jonathan Sanchez as possible returns. His defense hasn't been good this year (-8.9 UZR/150), but we'll let that slide after where Corey was just months ago.

Ryan Braun- C+

1.2 WAR

.292/.348/.479/.827, 13 HR's, 54 RBI

Fitting that Ryan Braun would come up right after Corey Hart considering just how different their seasons have gone. Ryan Braun started the season on fire. On May 9th, Braun was hitting .365 with an OBP of .445 and an OPS well over 1.000. Things change really quickly though. In both June and July, Braun's OBP was under .300. Braun's power also deserted him, posting slugging percentages on .409 and .415 in those months. Brewers fans should have also noticed below average defense in left as Braun is posting his second straight poor defense season (-15.8 UZR/150). Braun started to show signs of turning things around right before the All-Star break, so hopefully that can coincide to Braun-like production for the rest of the season. Braun is just too good of a hitter for this recent slump to continue.

Carlos Gomez- F

0.2 WAR

.229/.282/.356/.638, 205 AB's, 5 HR's, 20 RBI

I don't know how else to put this: Carlos Gomez is a bad baseball player. When the Brewers traded J.J. Hardy for Gomez, I was upset. I became furious after learning the Brewers were offered Ryan Doumit for Hardy and passed on the trade. I was irate after Carlos Gomez began the season batting in the two hole. There are just so many things that are frustrating with Gomez. He doesn't walk. He swings at way too many pitches out of the zone (36.6% of the time he chases). To make matters worse, Gomez' best attribute has disappeared. He's always been a phenominal defender in the big leagues, but is posted a -UZR this season (-0.8). I understand Gomez is a young player, but there is nothing to suggest he might actually turn into a productive major leaguer. He has a lot of time before he can test the free agent waters and I fear the Brewers might be willing to stick with him until then. Everyday Gomez remains a Brewer, I get more and more anxious to see what Lorenzo Cain can do in Milwaukee.

Jim Edmonds- B

1.4 WAR

.273/.337/.448/.785, 172 AB's, 4 HR's, 12 RBI

When Jim Edmonds signed with the Brewers, I wanted him nowhere near centerfield. His advanced fielding statistics suggested even playing him in a corner outfield position was a risk. I figured Edmonds would be a nice bench option, but underestimated just how bad Carlos Gomez would play. Despite being injured and not playing everyday, Edmonds has still managed a 1.4 WAR. While playing in centerfield, Edmonds has given the Brewers a good bat in a position where few exist. Even better, Edmonds has played solid defense this season, ranking highest amoung UZR's among Brewers outfielders. Not bad for a one year deal worth little money.

Jody Gerut- D-

0.0 WAR

.197/.230/.366/.586, 74 AB's, 2 HR's, 8 RBI

Gerut didn't get much playing time when he was healthy, but has been injured for an extended period of time. I still feel Gerut could be a productive CF with consistent playing time, but has really struggled this season. However, he did hit for the cycle in one of his starts. Although Chad Moeller and Carlos Gomez have hit for the cycle in their careers, so take that with a grain of salt. When he returns, I look for him to rebound.

Adam Stern- F

-0.2 WAR

.000/.000/.000/.000, 8 AB's, 0 HR, 1 RBI

I felt I'd throw in Stern for some humor. Nothing suggests he is of major league caliber talent and should never sniff Milwaukee again. His promotion immediately reminded me of Corey Patterson's last year.

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