Wednesday, September 23, 2009

What is going on?

The Brewers current situation is way to familiar to Milwaukee baseball fans. They are out of the playoffs and essentially playing for nothing. When teams are in this situation they allow younger players to get their feet wet and see what they have, or so I thought.

I was at each of the Brewers last two games. I have been eager to see the young players get some time. Last night, I logged onto the internet prior to leaving for the game and saw that, yet again, Mat Gamel was not in the lineup.

I have frequently been disappointed that Gamel has not seen playing time. Casey McGehee has gotten the majority of the starts at the hot corner. I somewhat understand why McGehee has been playing. The Brewers have been trying to give him a chance at winning the rookie of the year award. McGehee is one thing, Craig Counsell is quite another.

Counsell started last nights game at third base and batted second. Surprisingly enough this is not a rare occasion.

The Brewers have a tough decision the rest of the way at shortstop. They are trying to get playing time for Alcides Escobar, while at the same time trying to raise J.J. Hardy's trade value. For some reason that is beyond me, Counsell has recently started at shortstop. There is already to little playing time to go around at shortstop and third base, so why is Counsell starting? The Brewers don't benefit one bit by playing Counsell this month.

Gamel and Escobar aren't the only young players that have been ignored this month.

Arguably, the Brewers best pitching prospect is Josh Butler. With Manny Parra going down, and Gallardo being shut down, September would be a great time to use him in the rotation. Instead, an open rotation spot has gone to Chris Narveson. I don't think Narveson is a bad pitcher, but he has nowhere near the amount of upside of Josh Butler.

I still have tickets to three more game this season (one of the bad things that can happen when you buy season tickets). Come on Ken, give me some reason to have an interest in the games.

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