Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stormy on His Way Back

The Brewers just traded for David Weathers from the Cincinnati Reds for a player to be named later.

Weathers, 39, has about $1.2 million left on his contract this season. The Brewers will have a club option on whether to keep Weathers next season. The option is for $3.7 million with a $400K buyout if the Brewers decline the option.

Weathers has pitched effectively for the Reds this season as the setup man. He has posted a 3.32 ERA in 38 innings. He don't throw very hard, but he knowns how to work the outside corner of the plate.

This move is to help the Brewers overworked bullpen. Lately Macha expressed concern over Mark DiFelice being tired. He said he was going to have to look at other options to bridge the gap to the eight inning. I would assume that this move make Weathers the Brewers new 7th inning guy.

Weathers contract is not going to kill the Brewers payroll. His option is not likely to be picked up. This means essentially the Brewers are on the hook for $1.7 million over the next two months. I don't completely hate the move, considering we didn't have to give anything up, but it seems like we could have gotten equal production from internal options.

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