Friday, July 31, 2009

Brewers Concession Sales Skyrocket! Claudio's Back

The Brewers have acquired Claudio Vargas from the Los Angeles Dodgers in return for utility player Vinny Rottino.

Vargas, 30, will be making his second stint with the Brewers. He has pitched in just eight games out of the Dodger bullpen this season, posting a 1.64 ERA in 11 innings. The Dodgers were his fourth different team in four seasons.

Vargas is about as deliberate a pitcher as you will find. Even when Claudio is on his game, he is so difficult to watch considering every one of his starts takes near four hours. He strikes out a fair amount of batters, but will also issue some walks. He is certainly an upgrade over Jeff Suppan for the time being.

The Brewers gave up absolutely nothing in order to get him. Vinny Rottino was a fan favorite, but could not hit, and had no future with this team. In AA Huntsville this season, he posted a .239/.339./.332/.661 line in full time play.

Solid move by the Brewers considering they got a serviceable starter, only owe Vargas $150,000 for the remainder of the season, and gave up nothing in return.


Jon Ferber said...

V-Mart? Interesting

Adam said...

I'm glad to see they re-acquired Vargas. I liked him when in pitched for the Brewers in 07. He was nothing spectacular but he was consistent and could eat up 6 innings in most of his starts. Unfortunately this is too little too late to save the Crew this season but I'm hoping they will be able to keep him for next season as well.

Adam Schlosser